About Rising

Rising is an independent platform created by Codesign, to explore the potential of visual communication to drive interventions for social impact. It aims to encourage design students and practitioners to initiate projects for change, with their skills in communication design.

Rising is based on a simple belief and an even simpler idea. The belief is that visual communication can move people to think and act. And the idea is to use visual communication to make our homes, neighbourhoods and cities a little better. It’s that simple, because as designers, we already have the skills and tools to make people sit up and notice. The difficult part is having the determination and tenacity to see an idea through.

What’s Inside

Incubated Projects is a peek into our own journey of creating independent, self-initiated projects for social impact.

Learning from Others is a growing collection of inspirational projects and conversations, to learn from how designers have used content and design in their endeavour to create change.

Here’s the story of how Rising began.

Over time we hope to engage partners and funding to build additional facets to this platform by way of co-created projects, exhibitions and pop-up events.