The Great Indian Clearance Sale

The Great Indian Clearance Sale by writer, designer and illustrator Hemant Anant Jain is a series of visualisations that help readers understand the cycle of actions and consequences relating to environmental, social and political issues in India.

Drawing from strong editorial content, factual statistics and using tongue-in-cheek narratives, Hemant’s work reveals fine connections behind complex issues through gripping graphic stories.

Talking about Great Indian Clearance Sale (GCIS), Hemant says, “The way I create work for GICS is actually a simple, instinctive process. It’s a combination of anger, information and art. When it comes to environmental issues, there is a lot to be angry about. Genetically Modified Crops for instance. Not good. They are going to destroy our biodiversity. And it makes me angry. So I look for all the information I can find. Anger becomes a powerful force of change when it’s backed with information. Because you aren’t just angry about things anymore. You have the desire to go out and inform other people about what’s wrong and why it’s making you angry. And that’s the challenge to make your art compelling and make people care about it enough to do something. I call my process ‘an adventure in information.’” Below is Hemant’s visualisation of this process.

Images from The Great Indian Clearance Sale.

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