The History of Sustainability


If you are interested in working with sustainability and want to learn more about it, here’s a well designed resource to understand how related concepts have evolved. The book—The History of Sustainability, was commissioned by Wipro, with the Bangalore-based design practice Trapeze undertaking the content research, writing and design.


While there are several sources to learn about the development of sustainability both online and offline, this resource in particular, with its synergy between content and design, is an engaging and easy read for all.


Talking of the communication intent behind the book, Sarita Sundar (Partner, Trapeze) says, “Our aim was to make the content accessible to a range of readers – who had only a peripheral knowledge/interest in the subject , and to provide enough inputs and leads for someone who wants to know more. We wanted to minimise heavy reading for the  lazy reader and keep the visuals strong.”

An example of how the intent was realised was the creation of broad sections to aid navigation through varied content. Supporting content pieces like the ‘Side Bars’ and ‘Sustainability Speak’, helped create smaller pockets of information, within the larger narrative.

The book can be viewed and downloaded for free, here.



Project Credits
Design:  Trapeze, Sarita Sundar,
Illustrations: Georgie Paul Zachariah, Shreyas Krishnan
Content Research and Writing : Trapeze, Sarita Sundar, and Words etc. by Ruchika Channana

Images courtesy Trapeze